Become a Consignor Today!

Out with the old and in with the new. Get ready for Spring and Summer!

If you don’t need it, want it or use it – Consign it!

You will be surprised at how much you can make for your current and good quality items.

How to sell your items:

  1. Accepting consignments Monday through Friday – please call for appointment. If you are not local, we will do our best to accommodate you at any time, just give us a call.
  2. Items accepted will be seasonal: Spring and Summer garments are accepted between January to the end of July and Fall and Winter late August to December.
  3. Only 25 items at a time excluding shoes, purses and jewellery.
  4. We take sizes 14 and up in women’s clothing, shoes, boots, purses, scarves, belts, hats, sunglasses, jewellery, coats and jackets. Swimwear, lingerie must be fairly new.
  5. We do not take any undergarments unless they are brand new with store tags on and in their original packaging.
  6. Consignors will receive 40% of sale proceeds, excluding taxes or you can apply the funds from the sales proceeds towards new purchases in the store.
  7. The duration of contract is 90 days. The 1st month your consigned items will be sold at full asking price, 2nd month they will be reduced 25% and the 3rd month at 50%. We do not return any of your items upon the end of contract.
  8. Items remaining past the 90 days on display will be donated to a local charity.
  9. Clothes must be brought in a basket, clean box or shopping bag, neatly folded to prevent wrinkles and are sale ready. Please do not bring your items in green or black plastic bags or with items on hangers.
  10. Please ensure your items are clean, freshly laundered and ready to wear. Make sure that they are not ripped, have missing or loose buttons, broken zippers, that they are not flawed, pilled or damaged,  are freshly laundered, free from stains or odors such as tobacco, perfume, mothballs or mildew.

Examples of items that are not being accepted:

This is not a reflection on the quality of your item. It is a result of market demands.

Not current or lower end labels of clothing are not in high demand and not selling.

The other thing to consider is not cutting the tags off your designer items. It is impossible for us to market a designer item if we cannot prove it to the customers. Labels do command the most money and quickest sale. Please remember it is quality that sells.

Please note that these are guidelines and some labels may be accepted.

DISCLOSURE: All possible care will be taken to ensure proper care of your consigned items. However, management cannot assume responsibility for damage or losses due to fire, water damage or theft. Consigned items are left at consignor’s risk.